We offer a variety of academic programs to enhance the learning of each child.

Our weekly lesson plans incorporate the PA Early Learning Standards for Toddlers, Prekindergarten, and Kindergarten. Each week the lesson plans are posted in the classrooms so families know what the children are learning and can discuss the learning at home.


  • Literature during circle time, small group, and independent exploration
  • Recognize and write name
  • Phonemic awareness
  • Answering comprehension questions
  • Spell simple 3 letter words
  • Vocabulary


  • Count orally
  • Recognize numbers, colors, and shapes
  • Count objects
  • Understand more/less
  • Weight and Measurement
  • Sort
  • Problem solving and communication


  • Daily activity to increase vocabulary and fluency
  • Concepts that directly correlate with reading and math curriculum such as: colors, numbers/counting, days of the week and etc.
  • Learn to respond to simple questions in Chinese
  • Listen to familiar stories in Chinese


  • Computers in classroom and computer lab
  • Provide students with introductory computer skills
  • Engaging programs prepare for reading and math
  • Enhance listening skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Weekly use of iPads